HCG Diet Drops: everything you need to know

HCG, human chronic gonadotropin, is a hormone found in the early stages of pregnancy. The hormone appears in large doses in the first three months of pregnancy. HCG helps the production of estrogen, progesterone, and other important hormones. Another use for HCG is to help increase fertility.

A British doctor named Albert Simmions started HCG as a weight loss treatment in 1954. He came up with the idea to use HCG as a weight loss supplement after watching malnourished women give birth to healthy babies. He theorized it was because of the HCG. It allowed the baby access to the stored fat in the women’s body. Dr. Simmions later wrote a book about his findings titled ” Pounds And Inches: A New Approach To Obesity.”

How HCG Helps You Lose Weight

HCG helps the body metabolize the stored fat. Subcutaneous fat stores in the body to be used only when you really need it . Subcutaneous fat accounts for around 90 percent of the fat in the body. HCG sends a message to the brain telling the body to use this type of fat. View website with hcg diet drops reviews.

The HCG Diet Process

A person consumes HCG as HCG drops, injections or tablets. HCG drops or pills are taken daily. Injects are taken every other week. Along with taking the HCG drops the person also follows a special diet. The diet starts with a loading phase where the person starts taking the HCG. For the next two days, they eat high fat and high-calorie foods. The next phase is called the weight loss phase. In this phase, the person starts a strict 500 calorie diet. During this phase, many people only eat two meals a day. The last phase is called the maintenance phase. In this phase, the person stops taking HCG. They increase their calories but avoid sugar or starchy foods for the next three weeks. The phases repeat as necessary.

During each meal, the person should eat lean protein, a fruit, vegetable, and a slice of bread. It is encouraged to drink plenty of water, but coffee and tea are allowed. Foods to avoid include sugars, oils, and butter.

Exercise is not needed when taking the HCG diet. The body is only given 500 calories a day. It takes time to break down the stored fat into energy. There is not enough energy to maintain the body during a strenuous workout. The energy used in working out will cause the body to become malnourished.

Side Effects Of HCG

Headaches are a side effect that many people feel when they first start taking HCG. One cause of headaches is dehydration. It is very important to drink a lot of water when taking this diet. Constipation is also normal when starting this diet since the person is switching to a low-fat way of eating. If constipation persists, the person can take magnesium citrate. Fatigue is also a common side effect. The person may need to take more HCG drops to burn more fat for energy. They can also take vitamin B12.

HCG Diet Drops: everything you need to know
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