Perimeter Wire-Free Wi-Fi Dog Fence Review

Perimeter wire free Wi-Fi dog fence reviewMaximum Dogs: 2

Coverage: 2,5 acres (200 feet radius)

Pet Size: Medium to large breeds 20 lbs and up

Quickly: Perimeter® Wire-Free Wi-Fi Dog Fence


Thumbs-Up Comes with 8 correction levels

Thumbs-Up Can provide a sizeable containment area

Thumbs-Up Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Thumbs-Up Water-resistant

Thumbs-Up Includes power loss backup





i35052 Specific constructions can get in the way with its signal

i35052 Perimeter is not fairly as big as the statement

i35052 Capacity is just for a maximum of 2 dogs

i35052 Unstable signal


What does the Wi-Fi Dog Fence consist of?

greentick_jpg Base Smart Station transmission device

greentick_jpg Transceiver and nylon collar

greentick_jpg AC Transformer

greentick_jpg Comfortable contact probe set

greentick_jpg 12-volt charging adapter

greentick_jpg 2 lithium-ion rechargeable batteries

greentick_jpg 50 boundary flags

greentick_jpg User’s guide


How does the Perimeter Tech Dog Fence work?

This product is designed to train your dog to stay in a selected boundary. The 2 key parts of the Perimeter Tech Dog Fence will be the PetLink Collar and also the indoor Base Smart Station. The base station continuously determines the distance between your pet and the base when he is dressed in the transceiver collar. In case your pet surpasses the border, the transceiver produces a hearable sound and a undamaging static stimulation correction. The system will warn you when it will lose signal as well as if you pet is challenging the bounds.


Can this dog fence harm my fur buddy?

The PetLink transceiver emissions are not dangerous to your pet in any case. The static emission is of extremely low levels. The transceiver has a protection function which will result in the emissions to stop. In the occasion when your pet moves out of the boundary, the collar produces a hearable emission for a second along with a 5-second long static correction. This is replicated for 2 more series. In case your fluffy friend is stubborn and continues to be outside the boundary afterward, the system will emit hearable correction solely.


How to recharge the Perimeter Tech device?

2The charge station is placed in the backside of the indoor Smart-Station and you have to take it out.

2You need to put the rechargeable electric battery into the item with the positive end up placement. There is a round concave tagging on the top end of the battery to point out which is positive.

2You have to wait around 6 to 8 hrs for the charge to end. The battery indication light will pulse when the charge is happening and be consistent as soon as the charge has done or when no battery is in. The station is able to charge 3 batteries simultaneously.

2You should charge the lithium-ion battery prior to applying it for the very first time. This likewise needs about 6 to 8 hrs. The provided battery is able to be recharged 3 hundred times in total. Solely the batteries supplied by the Perimeter Company intended for this certain product must be applied with this device. The battery packs for this product must never be put to use with any other device, even if it’s just one produced by this supplier.


How does the power malfunction feature perform?

You need to put a fully charged battery into the charging slot furthermost to the left on the Smart-Station. This acts as a wireless battery backup system which will run for around 8 hrs nonstop. It’s strongly advised that throughout this period you find your dog and make sure that he is protected till the power comes back.


Do I have to get in touch with an internet service supplier?

No. In fact, this product doesn’t need any kind of internet support. It likewise operates on an 802.15 frequency which is not going to affect your present internet transmission.


How much space will my pet have to wander around?

The system insert identifies a spot of 2.5 acres or a 200 ft radius; nevertheless, this is not the case at all times. Your pet’s walking around spot will be roughly 2 acres in general. There are some signal problems additionally. This system doesn’t function properly in locations that own a lot of big trees as well as metal storage houses. The appearance of these objects will usually lead to the contact loss of the transceiver and the transmitter also.


What pet is the Perimeter Tech Wire-Free Wi-Fi Dog Fence designed for?

greentick_jpgThis product is effective for any dog that weighs about 20 lbs or more. It’s not advised for pets that weigh fewer than 20 lbs which are generally little and tiny dog breeds. It usually doesn’t suit extra large breeds also. Medium-sized and large breed dogs normally fit in this class.

greentick_jpgMany breeds regarded as tiny are around 8 lbs or below.

greentick_jpgSmall breeds weigh around 9 to 22 lbs.

greentick_jpgMedium breeds weigh around 23 to 55 lbs.

greentick_jpgLarge breed dogs weigh around 56 to 100 lbs.

greentick_jpg1 hundred lbs or more signifies an extra large dog breed.


Can this product contain my kitty in my yard?

It’s in no way advised to apply this product on your cat as well as any other pets other than dogs. Cats, particularly, react badly to gadgets like this and its usage may stimulate very unwanted behavior from your cat.


Essential Security Information

i35052You must not apply the Perimeter Tech product on a rescue canine. These pets frequently have psychological problems at the beginning of their treatment. It must likewise never be applied on any pet with emotional or physical issues of any sort. Its usage may worsen any chronic issue or interrupt rehabilitation of any kind such as that from injuries.

i35052You must not get away from your felt friend when he is wearing this gadget.

i35052You ought to examine your pet’s neck for sore about two times a week roughly. In case you find any kind of soreness, take away the gadget and allow the area recover. Make sure that the collar is not tight overly prior to putting it around your pet’s neck.


On the whole I would mention that it is not a top notch wireless dog fence, and I would suggest looking at one of our best 3 recommendations as an alternative. In case you nevertheless desire to buy this one, take a look at the best on-line cost offered here.

Perimeter Wire-Free Wi-Fi Dog Fence Review
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