PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Dog Fence Review

Quickly: PetSafe Stay & Play Review

Advantages:PetSafe Stay & Play wireless dog fence review

Thumbs-Up Limitless amount of dogs

Thumbs-Up Extremely steady containment boundaries/signal

Thumbs-Up 210-foot diameter containment space

Thumbs-Up Comfy, sensitive collar

Thumbs-Up Rechargeable collar

Thumbs-Up Probe wrench bundled

Thumbs-Up Quite comprehensive setting up as well as dog training guide



2 Signal coverage could not be sufficient for somebody


With regards to PetSafe’s wireless dog fences, the Stay & Play is the most efficient, functional and reliable from of all of their products right now. You have to check out what other consumers of this boundary have got to point out regarding it.

Bundle Details and Components


You are welcomed to PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Dog Fence Overview. Your package will include the next parts / components:

greentick_jpgPetSafe Stay And Play Wireless Transmitter

greentick_jpgReceiver Charger Transmitter

greentick_jpgElectrical power Adapter

greentick_jpgReceiver Collar

greentick_jpgReceiver Test Application

greentick_jpgA set of 2 long as well as 2 shorter contact points

greentick_jpgWrench meant for contact points

greentick_jpgFifty Boundary Exercising Flags

greentick_jpgSetup, functioning as well as dog coaching paper guide book

greentick_jpgRestricted lifelong guaranty on all components


Collar Charger

The Stay and Play collar includes a charger, thus you do not have to change any battery packs. The charging process will take about 2,5 hours, and a maximum charge lasts for two to three week dependent on how frequently your pet “tests” the limits of the boundary; the more frequently the receiver is required to beep and / or use a static correction, the faster the battery will be lowered. Count on for the battery to be depleted pretty fast in the course of the dog training practice.


Probe Wrench

Similar to a standard wrench, you can apply this item to screw in as well as unscrew the receiver probes which provide the static correction, for instance when you want to change the shorter probes with the long kinds and also the other way round, or maybe if you need to clean the collar and receiver. Not having this wrench, unscrewing the probes could be a little complicated and you may injury your hands unintentionally.


Collar Tester

The tester features 2 openings which need to be positioned as near to the probes as you can. When the probes provide a static charge and are functioning correctly, the tester lights up showing appropriate working. The tester can be useful while trying to identify the wireless fence limits as well as soon as positioning your exercising flags.


Long/short contact points

Most wireless dog fences include 2 probes sets: two short plus two long ones. The shorter one is applied in case your pet has either short and / or thin hair all over the neck, and the long need to be put to use for longer and / or thick fur. Keep in mind to apply the supplied probe wrench whenever fixing and removing the probes.


Restricted Lifelong Guaranty

For the 1st year starting with the day of your buy, you receive a complete guaranty on any breakdowns, no matter what of the components engaged. After the 12 months pass, you obtain a lifelong limited guaranty, in which you will be having a substantial price cut for any fixes that may be required; according to the sort of harm that happens, count on the low cost repair to charge between 20 and 60 dollars. You need to be aware that screwing up to hold to the company’s security recommendations presented in the guide (for example maintaining your transmitter off from humidity and so on) might, sometimes, cancel your guaranty.


The PetSafe Transmitter

The transmission device has dimensions 6.4 inches in length by 6.8 inches in width by 6.1 inches in height, doing it the most compact from all of PetSafe wireless fence transmitters at the moment.


Transmitter Setup

The item needs to be placed inside of the house, on the ground floor, roughly 4 ft over ground level. The place where it is put in ought to be well-aired having minimum dampness, plus the temperature should in no way drop down below freezing. Consider to put it no less than 3 ft from any kind of metallic devices to lessen signal disturbance. The transmission device may be attached to a wall, and an installation arrangement is supplied with the Stay & Play setup guide. Keep in mind not to completely attach the transmission device to a wall till you have identified and comprehensively proven its final positioning with regards to signal stability.


Signal Coverage

The PetSafe Stay & Play transmitter will constrain your pet in round space having up to 210 ft  diameter or 105 ft radius (3/4 acres), which can be modified applying the control switch situated on the major device, which enables for a highest of eight various options; the lower is the setting, the smaller sized the coverage will become.

There are 2 coverage adjustments: LOW and also HIGH, which you can switch in between when needed. The “LOW” option ought to be applied in case your containment spot is smaller than 45 ft in diameter when the HIGH option is intended for a diameter of 45 up to 210 ft. Dependent upon whether you are making use of the LOW or HIGH setting, the eight configurations of the control switch will operate in different ways.


Boundary Stableness

Similar to all wireless dog fences, there may be involved certain instability of signal, which may have a tendency to shift the boundary area from time to time. When it comes to the PetSafe Stay & Play, this lack of stability is slight and is no larger than two ft up/down; which means when you arrange the containment spot to a diameter of 210 ft, the real boundary will go up and down among 208 and 212 ft. The lesser your containment space is, the lower the boundary instability will be.


Unrestricted Dogs Number

The PetSafe Stay & Play transmission device will be able to support a limitless amount of dog collars. You just have to buy extra PetSafe collars and they will instantly operate with the transmitter. Keep in mind that your pet ought to be a least of half a year old and 5 lbs heavy so as to this wireless fence to constrain him effectively.


Overlapping/Several Transmitters

If you have to cover a bigger spot, you can buy more transmitters at a lesser price compared to the complete bundle and put them in various areas in order to cover a larger sized space, letting you to contain your pet in a spot more similar to a quadrangle than a ring.


Transmitter Characteristics


The transmission device can produce two kinds of warning alerts:

2 Power Loss Alert

2 Failure Signal


The 1st one will last for 60 minutes and is running if the device loses connection to electricity, for instance when it is unplugged by mistake. The next, failure signal sounds constantly, showing a system breakdown and demanding you to make contact with PetSafe’s client service to fix the problem. Please be aware that in the two instances (power loss or malfunction), your pet will not anymore be contained the right way by the wireless fence.


The Receiver Collar

One of the most compact and also most comfy collars you get hold of with any kind of wireless dog fence. Water-resistant.


Collar Sizes and Points

The full collar’s weight with all the things affixed is about 3.1 oz, doing it one of the most lightweight products available, and substantially less heavy than collars marketed with other PetSafe wireless fences. It is compact sufficient for work with a dog as light as five pounds as well as with a neck girth of 6 to 23 ins. The collar is included with 2 shorter contact points, which could be replaced with the longer two that come with the bundle, applying the supplied point wrench. PetSafe suggests checking out the points tightness up to 2 times a week.


Rechargeable Electric Battery

As soon as the collar receiver is low on power (20 percent or under), the device light starts to blink red one time each 5 secs. (It likewise blinks yellow every time battery level falls under 60 percent). In that case, you may connect the battery power adaptor into a charge jack of the receiver and you will see a red light, showing charging is started. When completely charged (usually 2 – 3 hrs if charging from a 20 percent power level), the red light turns green, showing the charge has been finished. The product features an integrated protection to secure from over-charging. After wholly charged, the device will be fine to run for up to three weeks, according to how frequently it provides corrections.

Please be aware that the battery can not be taken out because it’s built straight into the collar receiver.



Ensure that the collar is completely charged. To switch on the receiver, push the Mode key found between the receiver points and then hold it during 5 secs. Once an initial light is started for 5 secs to show power level (green means 100%, yellow for 20% to 60%, red is under 20%), a red light flashes from one to six times, showing the correction level that is set currently.


You may now push the MODE key as many times as you wish to raise the static correction level (1 press means 1 level rise).


Over-Correction Protection Mechanism


In quite exceptional occasions, your dog may get into the boundary area and in spite of getting the static correction your dog could stop in the spot and not moving. To protect against the receiver from providing static correction for too much time in a situation such as this, correction is in no way provided for longer than 15 secs ceaselessly.


Dog Training and In-depth Settings


Keep in mind that no wireless dog fence will contain your dog with no appropriate training and setting of the fence boundaries. Please learn training and configuration instructions for more details on the issue.


PetSafe Stay & Play Overview – Synopsis


In case you are searching for a trustworthy and cost-effective wireless pet fence that will not let you and your dog down, and which supports a limitless quantity of dogs, the Stay & Play from PetSafe is perfect for you. Check out the best cost on this wireless fence on the web.

PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Dog Fence Review
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