PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence Review

PetSafe stubborn dog fence review

PetSafe stubborn dog fence is a unique and well-known setting for pets that are hard to train. From now on you can be not only a good owner but an excellent caregiver for you loving animal. Also, this correction is perfect for hearing-impaired dogs. The product is absolutely safe to use, which will help to improve your pet wellness.


PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence Review


Thumbs-Up Features:

Thumbs-Up Unlimited number of dogs

Thumbs-Up One vibration level

Thumbs-Up Four levels of stimulation

Thumbs-Up Maintained dog size – 30 pounds and over

There is no purchase that does not have pros and cons. When buying a new stuff you should look closer at its characteristics and effects. Below, you will find the description if all strong and weak sides of the product, which will give you a brief idea if this is what will help you and if your puppy will like it.


greentick_jpg PetSafe is suitable for big dogs

greentick_jpg There are 4 levels of correction and 1 of vibration

greentick_jpg Two correction warning: vibration and audible

greentick_jpg There is an indicator when the battery is low

greentick_jpg Detects if a wire is broken

greentick_jpg Waterproof

greentick_jpg The product is simple to setup and installation


2 Inability to charge the battery. You will need to buy a new simple 9-volt battery

2 Starting kit is available for training only one dog

The product includes:

greentick_jpg Nylon base collar for dog

greentick_jpg Transmitter

greentick_jpg Receiver

greentick_jpg Adapter

greentick_jpg Wire

greentick_jpg One 9 volt battery

greentick_jpg Waterproof splice capsules

greentick_jpg Manual for owner

greentick_jpg Tools for test

greentick_jpg Training and assembly guides

As far as you know about PetSafe pros, cons, and what it comes with you can look through the most common questions that will give you more precise information about the product.

Does Stubborn Dog Fence have any side effects?

No. The system uses only harmless signals that do not affect the health of your pet. The Stubborn No Wire Fence radiates an audible warning sound before correction and also provides a warning vibration which is great for animals with hearing problems. You also can use the setting for healthy dogs to improve their level of training. For example, the product is a great finding for training dogs that help bind people. It is the easiest way to teach the dog about forbidden zones. You can choose if levels of correction or a vibration level is better after using the product a few times and watching your puppy responding.

Does it work on any dog?

No. You cannot use the system for pets that are under 6 month age. Also, it is not recommended for undergoing rehabilitation, injured, aggressive and small breed dogs. In any case, you must consult a vet before you start using the product on your pet. Otherwise, it can cause complications with behaviour. If you own rescue dogs you can use the system if their behaviour condition allows it. Remember that the setting can be used only for dogs.

Can I use PetSafe for training more than one dog?

Yes. If you buy the starter kit, you will have the option to train only one puppy. But you also may get other accessories which allow you to train several dogs at the same time. You need to get extra collars and wires only from PetSafe Company to combine all products. Choose Amazon purchasing site for the best deal and service.

What is the guarantee that my dog will fall for the training?

Even if your puppy is very stubborn, the system will work. Plus the Company offers two warranties (lifetime one on the parts and a year one on labor). After buying the setting, you should visit the company’s site and register your purchase to activate the 2 warranties. According to PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence reviews, the customers say that the system is 100% worth to buy as you will see the result approximately after 2 weeks of using it.

Can I wash the collar in the washing machine?

No. You should hand wash the nylon collar or wipe it only. Before washing the collar, you need to remove the stimulation detail. Make sure the collar is dry and then put it around the dog’s neck.

Will the collar fit my dog?

Yes, if your pet weight 30 pounds and more. So, if your dog breed is from medium to extra-large size, you can buy this correction unit.

In conclusion, PetSafe Stubborn No Wire Dog Electric Fence is an incredible way to train your dog (dogs) without harm. A low-cost price for such smart system is affordable for every owner who cares and loves his pet. You can buy additional and related pieces on Amazon site to make training simple and pleasant.

PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence Review
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