Troubleshooting Problems With Your Wireless Dog Fence

Fixing Troubles With The Wireless Dog Fence


Down the page is our listing of the issues most frequently experienced by wireless dog fence users. In case your problem is more related to teaching your pet, you should refer to the Training Academy to get more support.


Why Is My Pet Not Responding To The Static Correction?


There are several causes that might be occurring:


2 The collar is not fixed appropriately. In case the probes of the receiver are not getting in touch with your pet’s skin, the static correction won’t be provided. (Take into account not to make the issue to the extreme although; the collar may not be tight.) In case your dog doesn’t shudder and/ or scrape his neck at all, when getting near to the boundary, it indicates the collar is not fixed correctly.


2 Transmission interference has been brought in. It is likely that since setting up your wireless fence and also arranging the containment perimeter, something transformed in the configuration of your backyard or in the place where the transmission device is put in, interfering with the fence signal and altering the real area of the boundary. Study the guide on minimizing signal interference to verify whether this is the problem.


2 Check out correction level adjustments. Somebody might have turned the correction levels to “1” by mistake, which on the majority of wireless fences signifies a beep only will be provided while no static correction is going to be sent. Ensure the setting is a lowest of 2.


2 Battery power is out. This issue is apparent. In case there is no functioning battery within the collar, the receiver won’t operate and it will not provide a static correction. At all times keep an extra charged battery at home.


2 Transmission device has been turned off. In case the fence transmission device is not connected to a suitable power wall socket, the entire system will end operating and no correction will be carried out no matter if your dog gets close to the containment boundary or not.


How come that the Collar Is Not Giving out a Hearable Beep?


Just as before, there are several various causes why this could be the case:


2 No charged electric battery within the collar.

2 Collar receiver is turned off.

2 The transmission device is not connected into a power wall plug.

2 The area of the boundary could have modified because of transmission interference.


Furthermore, please keep in mind that the beep provided by the collar is not excessive on the majority of wireless fences, and neither was it meant to be; it is just loud sufficient to be heard by the pet dressed in a collar, yet people could not notice it, even when walking right next to the pet and particularly in case when your surrounding is loud. There are several methods you can verify if this is the reason of the issue:


2 Place the collar all around your pet’s neck the other way, so the receiver is facing way up and in the direction of the sky. By doing this, you will see the collar’s LED-light flash while the receiver begins beeping, indicating a functioning collar.

2 Get the collar off your pet’s neck and, when keeping the collar in your hands, get close to the containment boundary having the collar placed close to the similar height as your pet’s neck and keeping your ear quite near to the receiver. It will assure that you will hear the beep as soon as it is provided.

2 In case your wireless fence bundle was included with a tester (most of the finest wireless fences come with one), apply the item to verify if the collar is functioning correctly.


2 In case nothing of the previously mentioned help, you may possibly have a non-functional collar, as well as the loudspeakers could have been broken. In that situation, you are remaining with the solely solution of getting in contact with the company and asking for support.


My Pet Is Hard of Hearing And Cannot Hear a Beep, What Can I Do?


In case your canine is deaf or has a really poor hearing, ability to hear the collar receiver beeping will be close to not possible. In that circumstance, your only actual choice is finding a wireless dog fence featuring a vibrating collar; in these products, the standard hearable beep of the receiver will be replaced with a mild but notable vibration.


Please go on to part Two of our troubleshooting tutorial for more info.

Troubleshooting Problems With Your Wireless Dog Fence
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