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Best portable dog fences for camping

Best portable dog fences for camping

PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System

Yaheetech Heavy Duty Foldable Metal Pet Exercise Fence

New World Pet Products Foldable Metal Exercise Pen & Pet Playpen

If you’re planning an adventure or road trip with your dog, then it’s best to invest in a portable dog fence for camping/for RV. These fencing systems are designed to keep pets safe while allowing them more freedom than if they were tethered outside all day long; however, most people will use these fences when their dogs aren’t near the campsite itself (i.e., on hikes and adventures). Some may even set up campgrounds near trails so that they can let their pet roam off-leash during the evening or early morning hours before anyone else is around!

  • Freedom – many pet owners choose this type of outdoor containment because it gives their furry friends some independence that wasn’t possible with traditional fencing. It prevents them from wandering too far away and potentially getting lost or injured. Still, it also allows your dog to explore new territory (within the safe boundaries) without guiding them every step of the way.
  • Peace-of-Mind – if you’re leaving your pet at home, then a portable fence can give you peace-of-mind that they aren’t going to escape while you’re gone! Even though this isn’t recommended because dogs need space and human interaction to remain happy and healthy, some people find themselves with no choice due to work schedules or other commitments. However, with an electronic containment system such as this one, their beloved pets can still enjoy time outside during times you won’t be around.
  • Popular in Campgrounds – if you’re going camping or traveling with your pet in a recreational vehicle (RV), then this type of outdoor containment is likely the most popular option. It’s easy to set up and doesn’t require any special skills, tools, or alterations to the land itself; however, it also has drawbacks that may not suit all circumstances.

A pet containment system that’s intended to be used when you’re outdoors, such as in an RV or at a campground. These fencing systems are typically set up and removed each time your travel somewhere else. If the transmitter has batteries, these can typically last from two weeks to one month, depending on usage patterns. Many people choose this option over traditional fencing because it provides more freedom than tethering their dogs outside. At the same time, they go off exploring nature trails or bike rides through the wilderness. Others may use them so they don’t have to put any holes into their yard by installing regular fences (though metal posts could still be installed). They also end up costing less money overall since they don’t require any costly construction or installation.

Types of Portable Dog Fences for Camping/RV

There are a few different types of portable dog fences for camping/for RV. Each type is specifically designed to withstand the conditions that you’ll experience while using it. Here’s a list of each option, along with what you can expect from them:

  • Wireless fencing – this system doesn’t require any physical wire installation on your property (though there may be small flags or markers). Instead, an electronic signal transmits through the air and alerts your pet when they approach the edge of their safe area. These systems typically do not work well if large metal objects around interfere with the radio waves; however, some wireless models have shown success in very rural areas where other forms of wireless technology have been installed.
  • In-ground fencing – this option requires a wire to be buried around the perimeter of your yard, which transmits signals from an electronic transmitter box that’s plugged into a power source. These systems are more expensive than most other types because they require actual digging and installation of wiring; however, if you already have an established fence, then it may not cost too much money or effort on your part.
  • Wired fences – these systems use either metal rods (for permanent installations) or wooden posts with wires running between them to contain pets within a specific area outdoors. They can often be pricey due to construction requirements and ongoing maintenance, such as replacing flags along the boundary line. These fencing types are not recommended for RVs or areas with no flat surface to install them on, such as hills and steep inclines.
  • Ultrasonic fence – here’s an exciting type of portable dog fence that doesn’t use any actual barriers at all! Instead, the electronic radio signal creates only audible noise within your pet’s hearing range (20 kHz). If they get too close to the boundary line, it will startle them with this sound; however, if you happen to be using white noise in another area, they may lose their effectiveness since your pet can hear both sounds simultaneously without distinction between them. This option would work well around campgrounds because people won’t have trouble sleeping through them, but they may not be as practical away from large crowds of people.

Best Portable Dog Fences for Camping


One of the best things about this dog playpen is that it can be used in various ways. Unlike some other options, you don’t have to assemble or disassemble it whenever your pup needs more room. Just pick a size and shape that fits well with your space, add a few toys for entertainment, and let Fido run!

This pen comes in multiple colors, so you can match up with décor or just get something more fun than boring old black. The lightweight materials also make it easy to move from place to place when needed without killing yourself trying to lift 50 pounds worth of metal bars (that does sound like an exaggeration). You’ll love how easily these panels fold flat for storage, too; no need to find a place to hide it when you’re not using it.

The door is designed with a double-locking system so your pet can’t accidentally push his way out, and there’s even room for storage of supplies such as leashes or baggies full of waste! This option also comes in multiple sizes so that you can find the perfect fit for any breed, plus it gives owners more freedom, too, since they don’t have to buy different pens depending on who needs one at that moment. It doesn’t get much better than this versatile playpen from IRIS USA.

  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Sturdy construction with a mesh top and bottom panels
  • Includes door lock to keep pets safely contained
  • Not as tall as some pens on the market, but still adequate height for most breeds.
  • Only comes in black or white color options.
Yaheetech Heavy Duty Foldable Metal Pet Exercise Fence


It features several convenient design elements that make it one of the best options on the market. First, all four panels are double-walled, so they’re very sturdy and durable for even aggressive chewers or larger breeds who might try to break through normal plastic pens. The top is also made with mesh material for easy visibility while keeping your safe pet inside; no more worrying if Fluffy will jump out!

This particular fence comes in three different sizes depending on how much room you need, plus there’s an option without walls too. You can use both types together as extra containment when needed but still give Rover some freedom during his day (or night). When not in use, it folds up for easy storage and quick transport.

It’s also incredibly lightweight (about 16 pounds), so anyone can lift and move it to the perfect spot without putting themselves at risk of injury; no need to worry that you’ll be able to handle it alone or with kids! Another great feature is that there are only four parts: base and three panels, meaning assembly is a breeze compared to most other options on the market. Plus, they come color-coded for even easier installation, too; how much more user-friendly does this pen get? You do not want to miss out on this top choice from YAHEETECH.

  • Lightweight design makes movement simple
  • Includes door lock to keep pets safely contained
  • Mesh top and bottom panels for easy visibility
  • Not as sturdy or durable as solid metal fencing. You can purchase a separate mesh cover to add more protection if needed.
New World Pet Products Foldable Metal Exercise Pen & Pet Playpen

This fabulous product comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate most breeds, and the door is designed with a double-locking system so your pet can’t accidentally push his way out. It’s ideal for puppies, kittens, cats, and other small animals who need close supervision but want some freedom too. Plus, you’ll love how sturdy this pen is even when it starts getting filled up with toys or supplies; no bending or sagging that could cause an injury if they’re playing on top!

The mesh panels are great at keeping pets safe inside while still letting them see what’s going on around them (and giving their human parents peace of mind!) This type doesn’t come apart like more temporary fencing either: just fold it flat when you want to move it or store it away, and unfold it when needed. It’s that simple! There are only four parts so putting everything together is quick and easy too.

  • Sturdy construction with a mesh top and bottom panels for safety
  • The double-locking system makes sure pets can’t escape on their own
  • Mesh keeps your pet safe inside while allowing them to see outside the pen.
  • The minimum height requirement is 18 inches tall for most breeds.
Pet Premium Portable RV Play Yard Fence

This fantastic product is perfect for traveling with pets and comes in various sizes to accommodate most breeds. It’s easy to set up since there are only four parts, so you’ll be able to get it all done without breaking a sweat! You can also adjust the height by releasing or tightening one screw depending on the size of your pet; no more worrying about whether they’ll fit safely inside like some other options on the market which don’t give any room for growth (or shrinkage).

The gate itself has double locks, too: even if Fluffy figures out how to push open that door, he won’t be escaping anytime soon, thanks to this handy feature. Plus, while solid metal isn’t always as lightweight as mesh panels like on our other top picks, this option is still pretty easy to move around or put away if needed. If you’ve been looking everywhere for the perfect portable pen but haven’t had any luck yet, give New World Pet a chance and see how much difference it can make in your life!

  • Durable metal design with mesh panels for safety at all heights (up to 42 inches!)
  • The double-locking system makes sure pets can’t escape on their own
  • Mesh keeps your pet safe inside while allowing them to see outside the pen
  • None.
Bungalow Freestanding Metal Folding Pet

This is a sturdy metal gate that can be used in many different spaces around the house. The freestanding nature of this dog fence makes it ideal for when you’re doing repairs or deep cleaning since it doesn’t need to attach securely to any wall, door frame, etc. It comes with rubber stoppers on all four corners to prevent damage and scratches, depending on where you use it. This has been one of my favorite portable dog fences because I have several dogs who are not always well behaved when they see someone outside walking by their part of the yard! Another pro is how easy this was set up – simply unfold everything into place, adjust tension knobs until secure enough for your pets but still able-bodied for human traffic through the gate. It’s a low profile, so it doesn’t take up too much space when open, and of course, folds down to only 12″ wide for storage or travel/transportation.

  • Sturdy metal gate
  • Freestanding can be set up in various spaces around the house or yard for different pets and purposes.
  • Rubber stoppers on all four corners to protect walls/doors from scratches when used as a portable dog fence.
  • It can be a bit tricky to open and close, but with practice becomes easier.
PAWLAND 96-inch Portable Fence

This is a great, sturdy portable dog fence with many features apart from other products. This gate has an incredibly adjustable height, making it stand out in the market, and can be raised or lowered to fit your needs. I love this feature when using my fencing for different pets who have unique requirements for their portability! The fact that you can lock this pawl and canine fence at multiple heights also allows you to use these fences across doorsills if necessary. They are not limited by only being used horizontally on the ground.

One of the things about choosing your own portable pet containment system is having something big enough for your dogs yet small enough not to get in the way – especially during camping/RV trips! This fence is also very lightweight, weighing only 14 pounds, so it’s easy to move around.

  • It can be locked at multiple heights for different pets.
  • The lightweight and sturdy design make it ideal for camping/RV trips with dogs who need portable dog fencing!
  • Takes up a bit of storage room when not in use.
Exercise Pen for Dogs

This is another great portable pet fence that can be used in many different ways. This setup comes with four feet wide panels, so you have several options for how to use these, depending on your needs and the space available. For instance, if I’m working outside in my yard, I like to keep my pets nearby but off-leash (when they’re well behaved). This fencing allows me to create a safe area to relax without running away or getting into trouble! The fact that it’s easy to fold down flat when not needed also makes this one of my favorite choices, too – simply remove all panels from their storage bag, attach them using the included clips, then put them away again until next time.

This system is also very adjustable, making it a good choice for use on boats or in RVs. You can add more panels to increase the size of your area if necessary, and each panel has an anchoring post that you press into the ground at one end (you will need to purchase stakes separately, though), so there’s no risk of them blowing over even when used outside!

The fact that this fence fits together without any tools means that I can assemble it quickly whenever needed – which comes in useful when my dogs start getting excited about something like seeing another dog walking past. It allows me to create safety zones around areas where they could get hurt if they ran off after their new friend. I’d had a chance to secure the area and then release them to run off with their new friend!

  • Comes with four panels, giving you several options for how to set up your fence.
  • Folds flat when not in use or during transport which saves space.
  • Panels are only 20 inches high – this means they aren’t ideal if you want a taller portable dog fencing system.
Furhaven Pet Playpen

This playpen has been designed so that there’s no risk of your puppy getting injured if they try to climb over the edge (which is what most puppies try first). The whole fence is covered by soft material, which will hurt them even if they put an awkward foot inside one of the holes while trying to escape! It also comes complete with a very handy travel bag, so it’s easy to store and transport if necessary.

The whole pen is very lightweight too (just over five pounds), which makes it perfect for taking with you on any trip or adventure that involves your dog – whether they like camping or not! I’ve even used the playpen inside my home when I needed extra time to get things done without them underfoot; by simply placing this around a table where I was working, then letting them run around in there while still keeping an eye on what they were up to. It also covers enough area that two dogs can rest at once comfortably.

  • Portable design allows you to use it indoors as well as outdoors.
  • Comes complete with a carry bag making storage easier than other similar products.
  • Only suitable for smaller breeds (although it does come in two sizes).
Petmate Courtyard Exercise Pen Fence

This is one of the cheaper models on our list, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting a lower quality product – it’s still made by Petmate (one of the best brands in this industry) and comes with all the features you could want from an exercise pen for your pet. It can be used indoors or outside, whether they like camping or not!

It also has four different entry/exit points if two sides aren’t enough to get in and out easily, which makes it perfect for use at home. I’ve even taken mine when going away somewhere myself, simply because my dogs were a little stressed about being penned in while we left them alone. This way, I set up their playpen near me to see what was going on around them and still have a little room to run around.

  • Four different entry/exit points offer plenty of flexibility.
  • Includes a waterproof floor tray for use indoors as well as outdoors.
  • Not suitable for larger breeds due to low height (just under 23 inches).
ALEKO DK24X32 Heavy Duty Pet Playpen

This is the largest portable dog fence on our list, with over four feet by three feet. It’s also one of the most expensive options available. Still, if you have large dogs who like to run around, it offers an amazing amount of space for them to do so without worrying about the injury – which makes it perfect even when camping!

It’s quite lightweight (just under eight pounds) and can be assembled very easily, too; no tools are required at all, meaning that this will take less than ten minutes before your pet has their new play area set up ready for whatever adventures they might want to go off exploring in future. One thing I love about this particular model is how easy the panels connect; many other models require sliding the panels into each other. This one simply pops together, making it much quicker to set up and take down again.

  • A large play area is perfect for large breeds.
  • Easy assembly without the need for tools makes putting away very quick.
  • Pricey compared to similar products on our list.
Oxgord Heavy Duty Portable Metal Exercise Dog Playpen

This is another product that’s perfect for large breeds. With a size of over five feet by four and a half feet, there isn’t an area big enough to stop your pet from running around when the gates are shut. It has all the features we’ve come to expect from this type of fence; waterproof floor tray so you can use it indoors or outdoors and four different entry/exit points if two sides aren’t enough.

It also comes complete with everything needed to set up out of the box, meaning no tools required – just unpack and pop into position! Another thing I love about this model is how much thought appears to have been put into storage, too; not only does it fold down flat within seconds, making putting away nice and easy, but it also comes with a carry bag to make transporting even easier too.

  • Comes complete with a floor tray and carrying case for easy transportation.
  • A large play area is perfect for large breeds.
  • None.
BestPet Heavy Duty Pet Playpen

One of the most expensive products on our list, but it’s also one of my favorites. This is because it comes with a double door entry/exit system, which makes getting in and out much easier – if they don’t like being penned in, then these are essential!

Unlike similar models I’ve seen before where gates pop open with a single press of a button, this requires two separate buttons to be pressed at once, making accidental escapes pretty unlikely. This model has all the features you’d expect from an exercise pen, too; a waterproof floor tray so you can use indoors or outdoors and four different entry points if one side isn’t enough.

  • A double-door design means pets won’t get lost when trying to get in and out.
  • Includes a waterproof floor tray for use indoors as well as outdoors.
  • Pricey compared to similar products on our list.
IRIS Exercise Pet Playpen – Outdoor Fence for Small Dogs

Iris folding exercise pet playpen is a great solution for camping and travel. This fence has a compact design, so you can easily carry it with you in your car or even in a backpack. With this dog containment system, pets will be able to move freely while staying safe from other animals and people who might attempt an attack without the owner’s permission. It includes six feet of ground stakes designed not to go deep into the soil but stay tightly attached during use instead. The mesh walls of this product have been reinforced twice – first by welding at all four corners and again through stitching along every seam – resulting in improved resistance against tears and wear over time!

  • Folds up easily.
  • Comes with a travel bag and ground stakes included in the purchase price.
  • The mesh is made of strong 100% polypropylene material that doesn’t rust or corrode – it can be used outdoors without additional protection against weather conditions!
  • You need to assemble this product before using it, which can take some time if you are unfamiliar with similar playpens from other brands.

What to consider when buying a portable dog fence for camping

  • Size – keep in mind how big your dog is when looking at different fencing types because wired ones can quickly become prohibitively expensive if they’re too large! Portable systems are great because their lightweight construction makes them easy to move around or even take with you while traveling; yet, some styles may not work well for certain pets since their extension cords limit how far apart these devices can be placed. For instance, here’s one product that only has six cords, so it may not be suitable for too large dogs or those who run at high speeds!
  • Weight – it’s also important to understand how much weight a fencing system can support before buying one. Even if your pet is small and the area you need to be contained isn’t very big (e.g., backyard), then there’s no reason to invest in something which won’t work properly due to faulty construction; thus, check reviews carefully and consider asking around among other dog owners familiar with these products before investing.
  • Exposure Time – many people forget that the length of time a fence is exposed to sunlight, rain, and other environmental factors can impact its long-term durability. This isn’t just about aesthetics either because even if fencing systems look good after being set up, it may only take one or two trips for them to become damaged by weather exposure!
  • Brand – while you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, there are some brands out there that specialize in outdoor containment products vs. others who aren’t well known for this kind of thing at all; thus, be sure to check customer reviews carefully before making a final decision since these will give you inside information from people who already own similar systems! If possible, seek advice from a professional dog trainer who has experience working with electronic containment systems.
  • Easy Storage & Fast Assembly is another aspect of these products that people often overlook because they assume that all fencing systems are equally easy to set up and take down. In reality, some designs may require a great deal of time or even special tools to be assembled or disassembled quickly; thus, don’t forget about this factor when making your next purchase!
  • Durability – if you’re going camping, you obviously won’t have the option for repairs unless you bring along extra parts such as replacement wires/cords vs. something like wood posts that can get damaged by weather exposure. While it’s not necessarily crucial to buy from a well-known brand name (e.g., PetSafe), it may make sense to invest in more durable fencing options which are less likely to become damaged by environmental factors.
  • Portable Decking – another factor to consider when buying a portable dog fence for camping/for RV is the type of flooring it’s designed to support. Some fencing systems are suitable for grass, dirt, or any other hard-packed outdoor surface; however, others may not be able to work properly unless they’re placed directly on wooden decking (e.g., docks), cement areas that aren’t subject to moisture exposure vs. gravel surfaces with no waterproof covering at all!
  • Waterproof Floor – one last thing you might want to consider if your RV has an asphalt roof and there isn’t much room inside its storage compartments due to tight space restrictions then this kind of system can help keep your pet while still leaving plenty of extra room to store other items.
  • Material and Design – while some people may not be too concerned about things like color, material, and design, this is an important factor if you’re trying to match your fencing system with other items inside your RV. For example, those who have a collection of vintage suitcases or antique wicker furniture may find it more difficult to blend in these types of systems because they just don’t go together as well; thus, consider the type(s) of materials. Used before making a final purchase!
  • For interior and exterior, these types of fencing systems can be designed for indoor and outdoor use, depending on your needs. If you plan to keep pets in the house, then choosing an electronic containment system that is meant to go indoors vs. one which was created specifically for outdoor use will probably make more sense; however, if you spend most of your time traveling with a pet or don’t want it roaming around inside while at home you’ll need something weatherproof enough to work outside too!

Camping Dog Fence VS Tie-Outs

  • Choosing A Tie-Out Attachment Point – before you can properly install a tie-out for your dog, it’s crucial to figure out where the best place will be to attach this type of system. For example, if you’re traveling with your pet on foot, then using something like a tree branch vs. an area inside your camping tent might not work at all; thus, consider these factors carefully when making such decisions!
  • Portable Dog Fences Help Prevent Escape – another benefit of choosing portable fencing systems is that they help prevent pets from running away and possibly getting lost while exploring their surroundings during outdoor trips/camping vacations. Many people assume that dogs naturally know how to “come back” once they’ve gone too far, but without containment systems in place, there’s no telling how far they might wander off.
  • No need for a Tie-Out System – if you’re looking for something that doesn’t require the use of tie-outs, then this type of system can be especially useful in such cases. In general, when traveling with pets, it’s always smart to have multiple containment options available just in case one break or fails unexpectedly; thus, having an extra portable dog fence on hand could provide added security vs. walking around all day trying to keep your pet restrained while outdoors!
  • Knocking Over Camp Furniture – if your pet is prone to knocking over things like chairs and tables while you’re on the road, then a portable dog fence system can be especially useful for times when you need to let it roam free. In some cases, pets may even get spooked by their surroundings during new experiences, which always makes it difficult to keep them contained; however, having something in place that they can feel safe around vs. being left alone all day could make a huge difference!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Big Should a Portable Dog Fence Be When Camping?

When camping, you can’t predict where your dog will go. If they suddenly take off after a squirrel or other wildlife, the fence should be large enough to contain them until you catch up—ideally within about 200 feet of wherever you are setting up camp.

The best portable dog fence for camping/RV contains at least an acre of land surrounding it. This should provide more than enough room for both children and pets to play safely without worrying about the boundaries of the containment area being breached by either party.

This also applies if your pup loves exploring new places around outdoor attractions like zoos or water parks with unique features not typically found in residential areas.

Are Portable Dog Fences Sturdy?

Many portable fences are made out of metal and designed to fold up into a compact size. This makes them much easier to transport and set up than other types that need anchoring or stakes driven deep underground.

However, many customers have complained about flimsy construction on their units which fall apart after even the slightest wind gusts during camping trips. You must inspect your fence before leaving home so you can return it if there is any damage, such as tears in the mesh fabric or missing pieces like stakes used for securing it to the ground.

To avoid these issues, we recommend choosing an option with steel poles rather than thin plastic ones since they’re more durable and less likely to snap under pressure from strong winds or excited dogs tugging on the line.

Is a Portable Dog Fence Difficult to Set Up?

Not all portable dog fences are created equal. Some consist of a few long lines which you can attach to trees, while others have small stakes that require digging holes in the ground for them to be anchored securely before setup is complete.

The best option depends on whether or not your fence must remain mobile since some designs tend to take up more space than others when disassembled and stored away after use.

Suppose this will only be used during camping trips where you’re setting up camp near your vehicle. In that case, portability isn’t necessary—and having permanently installed metal poles may even increase its sturdiness over other types depending on how sturdy they feel under pressure from barks or paws trying to escape through the.


The best portable dog fence for camping/for RV is the one that suits your needs and budget. There are various features you should pay attention to when looking at different models, such as size, range, compatibility with other products (e.g., cars), installation requirements, and durability. The best portable dog fence for camping/for RV is the one that suits your needs and budget. There are various features you should pay attention to when looking at different models, such as size, range, compatibility with other products (e.g., cars), installation requirements, and durability. In addition, price on the market today ranges from $75-$300+ depending on design, so it’s important to do thorough research before buying any particular model. We hope this article helped answer some questions regarding how big they should be and what type might be more suitable for your needs.