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Best Wireless Dog Fences for Large Dogs

Best Wireless Dog Fences for Large Dogs

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COVONO Pet Containment System

Do you have a dog that is large enough to be classified as “large?” If so, it may be time for you to look into the wireless fence for large dogs. A wireless fence gives your canine the freedom to roam while also providing them with boundaries, all without having to worry about physical fences or chains. You must find the right type of system, though – there are many on the market, and not all of them will work well with your needs. In this article, we’ll look at some different systems and help answer common questions people have about these types of products.

A wireless fence for large dogs is a great alternative to traditional fences or chains. These systems do not require any wires and can be placed anywhere you want your dog’s boundaries to be, unlike physical fencing, which may take up too much space for some people. A wireless fence for large dogs will set off an alarm if the animal strays outside their designated area. However, they cannot physically contain them unless the system has been built around a physical kennel. Many users even report that these units work well in houses with several floors as long as there are no serious drops from one level to another where the pet might jump out!

Why is dog size so important?

The size of your dog is very important when it comes to choosing the right system for them. Many companies design their products to work best with smaller breeds, leaving larger dogs out in the cold. This means you’ll need to look specifically at the wireless fence for large dogs – there are many great systems made just for these pups! If you’re unsure if a product will work on larger canines, then take some time looking through reviews and checking out forums where users talk about their experiences using different pet containment devices. You should also consider how many pets you have since some units aren’t built for multiple animals or provide an adjustable range like others do (which might be more convenient if you want to contain both cats and dogs).

What are the top benefits of a cordless fence for large dogs?

There are many benefits to choosing a wireless fence for large dogs. First of all, these systems tend to be cheaper than traditional fencing, which may make them more accessible to buy if you want your dog to have lots of room or live in an area where there aren’t any physical fences available (such as the country). Some people even report that they work better than other containment methods since they’re less stressful on animals – no one wants their furry friend locked away inside! Many models also have built-in corrective measures like static shocks and loud noises, which can quickly train pups out of certain behaviors such as barking excessively. Overall, it’s a great way for owners who don’t mind having something outside their house that isn’t aesthetically pleasing.

Although wireless fencing for large dogs does have several benefits, it’s always important to make sure you are getting the right sized system. For example, some systems might not be able to handle a dog that weighs more than one hundred pounds – if your pet is larger, they may need an in-ground or physical fence instead, which can look nice when done properly. Owners should also consider what type of terrain their pup will be roaming on since this could impact how well certain units work (a wire buried along the ground won’t do much good if there isn’t anything solid nearby). Stay safe and keep researching until you find just the right fit!

10 Best Wireless Fences For Large Dogs


The GroovyPets wireless pet containment system for dogs is a fairly new addition to the market. Still, it’s growing in popularity quickly due to its extra-large coverage area and great price point. The unit itself comes with an adjustable collar that can contain pets up to one hundred pounds, allowing owners to take their dog just about anywhere they go! What’s nice about this particular model is that there are five different levels of static correction, so people don’t have to worry too much if their furry friend doesn’t react well initially (it might take some time). People who want a wider range without breaking the bank should consider getting this product since it works extremely well when compared side by side with similar models. Owners shouldn’t have to worry about their pet escaping the area either since this GroovyPets wireless fence for dogs covers up to ten acres, a much larger space than most other similar containment systems. The battery life is also great and gives people plenty of time before they need another charge (the company says roughly twelve hours).

The collar itself comes with rechargeable batteries which will last several days without needing to be charged – it’s even waterproof so that owners can take them out in any weather! Unfortunately, though there aren’t many additional features included like cameras or extra security measures, overall this product does its job well. Owners have to ensure that they get enough range within their yard/property if they want something more advanced down the line.

  • One of the biggest coverage areas on the market
  • Adjustable static correction levels (five) for stubborn dogs
  • Easy to set up and use right out of the box
  • Doesn’t come with extra features like cameras or security measures
COVONO Pet Containment System

The COVONO wireless fence for dogs is a great product that uses modern technology to offer affordable, easy-to-use options. This unit comes with everything owners need right out of the box, including six levels of static correction, waterproof collars, and plenty of range (up to thirty acres). The collar itself can fit pets up to 100 pounds, so it’s not well suited to those who have small breeds or puppies. However, this isn’t necessarily a downside since people shouldn’t use these devices on animals under eight weeks anyway as they aren’t old enough yet.

People should be aware that there are some downsides: the batteries don’t last very long after charging (about ten hours), and the replacement batteries can be very expensive. The biggest issue, though, is that sometimes this unit doesn’t work well, which will force owners to return it for a new model. It seems like there are some faulty units out on the market, so people should take their time when choosing one to make sure they get something reliable enough.

  • Six levels of static correction (adjustable collar size too)
  • Waterproof collars with rechargeable batteries included in the price
  • Lots of range compared to other models available at similar prices
  • None.
JUSTPET 2 in 1 Wireless Fence

This device is perfect for all breeds of large dogs. The collar fits neck sizes from 14-26 inches, so the range should fit your dog’s size as well. It has a safety shut-off feature to prevent accidental activation and comes with two rechargeable batteries that are guaranteed not to run out during training season. It also includes 500 feet boundary wire, but you can purchase additional wires if needed. This product claims that it covers up to 30 acres or one city block radius area – great news! There are three adjustable levels of static correction plus tone-only mode available. Some customers reported they liked this better than other brands because their pets respond much faster when put in “pulse” instead of “tone” mode. The receiver has a nice ergonomic design, and the collar is not bulky at all. It comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

  • Great for all breeds of large dogs with adjustable static correction levels plus tone-only mode available.
  • Five hundred feet boundary wire included.
  • Collar has a nice ergonomic design and is not bulky at all.
  • No activity tracking device or camera.
KAROTEZH 2 in 1 Indoor Fence

KAROTEZH is an indoor fence system that has been used to train dogs indoors. It was designed with quality in mind, and it comes with a great price tag. The main thing about this product is the simplicity of its use – you plug it in, strap the collar on your dog’s neck, press one button and let KAROTEZH work! But how does it work? As mentioned before, there are no wires involved when training your pet using KAROTEZH Indoor Fence System. Instead, communication between transmitters (that usually stays at home) and receiver collars happens through radio waves sent from antennas built into transmitters to special antenna receivers attached to the dogs’ collars. There are several adjustable levels of electric impulses, which will be perfectly safe for your dog and can’t cause any permanent damage to its skin or fur.

The system comes with a special collar that is easy to put on when needed and doesn’t bother the animal when worn during common activities like sleeping or daily walks outside the house. The device works in an area up to 500 meters around your home. Still, suppose this range isn’t enough. In that case, there’s also an option of purchasing two additional antennas capable of extending the KAROTEZH Indoor Fence System’s radius by 100 m each (for a total of 600m). Even though this certainly solves all problems related to the wireless fence not controlling your pet within larger areas, keep in mind that there is a limit of three additional antennas per transmitter.

  • No wires or boundary lines. Just plug it into a socket and strap the receiver on your dog’s neck.
  • Training collars are very easy to use with big buttons so you won’t have problems remembering which one does what.
  • The price tag is another pro because this product isn’t too expensive yet still offers great quality at an affordable cost.
  • Lack of remote control
Free Spirit Containment System

This system is ideal for large dogs and uses a wireless transmitter. The transmitter sends signals through the wire to create an invisible barrier, which, when breached, will deliver stimulation until your dog moves away from it. Dogs can roam freely within this perimeter because there are no physical boundaries such as fences or walls involved in setting up the fence so that you can use it anywhere! It also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on product parts.

An above-ground kit is available if you don’t already have a buried boundary wire set up or choose between various weatherproof options: plastic posts and metal stakes. This kit has everything you need (except for batteries), including easy-to-follow manual instructions and set up the boundary wire.

The collar is one of a kind because it’s not just an ordinary e-collar but also has GPS tracking and Activity Monitoring features! You can track daily activities such as distance traveled or calories burned on your phone with this feature – which isn’t available for any other brand out there. It’s perfect if you have multiple dogs too! The batteries last up to three weeks, but please note that battery needs vary depending upon how often your dog enters containment mode – it’s the most intense training option where they receive corrections every time their perimeter is breached. Four levels of static stimulation are offered from vibration, tone, or mild through moderate under most circumstances by itself should be enough to deter over 90% of all dogs from going outside the boundary. The collar is waterproof and rechargeable so that you can expect long-term usage without major changes to batteries.

  • A wireless transmitter is great for large dogs that require a lot of space to run around freely.
  • GPS tracking and activity monitoring features are fantastic! Money-back guarantee with a lifetime warranty on product parts.
  • Every pet is unique, and some have found the system to be a little too advanced for their dog, which requires more time training them on proper usage.
PetSafe Wireless Dog Containment System

The PetSafe Wireless Dog Containment System is one of the best-rated systems across various online review sites. The system works by transmitting a radio signal to keep your pet within a specific area and prevent him from wandering off, running away, or getting into trouble. It’s much like an invisible fence for dogs, and it comes with its boundary flags to create a perimeter around your yard where you want your dog to stay to limit his movement outside this area. Since we all love our pets as family members, keeping them safe matters above everything else. This wireless containment system offers unparalleled convenience and peace of mind when it comes down to knowing that there are no wires involved at any point, which makes installation extremely simple compared to other wired systems.

In addition, the receiver collar is fully waterproof and rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it plugged in all day long. The system includes a transmitter that generates a circular field of effect with a radius up to 180 feet which means that your pet can roam freely around your yard without wearing any bulky or unsightly necklaces. It works by emitting radio signals from its transmitter at regular intervals, and these signals are picked up by the collar worn on your dog’s neck whenever he tries going past them, thus triggering corrective actions such as static shock or vibration against him for his safety while roaming outside this area.

  • More affordable than alternative wired systems
  • Incredibly easy to install with no wires required
  • It May is not suitable for all dogs due to the static shock emitted when crossing into restricted areas.
PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence

The PetSafe wireless dog containment system is one of the best-rated systems across various online review sites. This particular model covers up to ½ acre, which means that you can keep your pet safe in a larger area than most models would allow for. It’s also waterproof, so there’s no need to worry about leaving it plugged in all day long or bringing it indoors when bad weather hits. The receiver collar is rechargeable, fully waterproof. It comes with a tone/static correction feature just like any other brand-name electronic fence collars out there. They emit corrective signals against your pet whenever he tries crossing into restricted areas, thus preventing him from roaming outside his pre-set boundaries safely without getting lost or hurt along the way.

One important thing to note is that this system is designed to be used with dogs weighing more than eight pounds to work properly, which means it may not cover the needs of all dog owners out there. The included boundary flags are an excellent way to define your pet’s boundaries when they must stay inside them. You can always replace these with other effective methods like planting shrubs, trees, or even building a wall around your property, so he doesn’t get tempted into running across streets unsupervised while chasing after birds, among various other distractions outside his safe play area.

The PetSafe wireless fence containment system offers unparalleled convenience and peace of mind knowing that there are no wires involved at any point during the installation, which makes it extremely simple compared to wired systems on the market. In addition, the receiver collar is fully waterproof and rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it plugged in all day long while still ensuring your dog’s safety from roaming outside his safe play area without a second thought whenever he wants to explore new areas or get some fresh air after being cooped up indoors for too long.

  • Very affordable compared to wired systems
  • No wires required during installation
  • None.
SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence Systems

The SportDOG Brand of electronic dog containment systems is known for being one of the most reliable and effective solutions on the market today. The system includes a transmitter that emits radio signals from its antenna at regular intervals, thus creating an adjustable circular field around your property with up to 500 feet in diameter, which means your pet can roam freely outside his safe play area without having to wear any bulky or unsightly necklaces as long as he stays within this range whenever you’re not supervising him. It works by emitting corrective static shock against your pet whenever he tries crossing into restricted areas, thus preventing him from roaming outside these boundaries safely without getting lost or hurt along the way.

  • An incredibly easy installation process requires no wires to be run.
  • Perfect for yards up to ½ acre in size
  • Includes adjustable static correction feature, which can be adjusted to the pet’s temperament level, so he doesn’t get shocked too easily or frequently.
  • None
Freedom Distribution Enterprises Upgraded Wireless 2-in-1 Dog Fence and Training System

The Freedom Distribution Enterprises Upgraded Dog Fence and Training System is an excellent choice for anyone looking to keep their pets safely inside the boundaries of his property at all times while still allowing them some freedom outside his safe play area without having to wear any bulky or heavy collars. It works by emitting corrective static shock whenever your pet tries crossing into restricted areas so he doesn’t get tempted into wandering off unsupervised when you’re not around, which can lead to dangerous situations such as getting hit by a car out on busy streets or running away from home in search of adventure. The included receiver collar comes fully rechargeable and is waterproof, meaning that you don’ have to worry about keeping it plugged in all day long while still ensuring your dog’s safety from roaming outside his safe play area without a second thought whenever he wants to explore new areas or get some fresh air after being cooped up indoors for too long.

  • Includes rechargeable, waterproof receiver collar
  • Perfect for yards up to ½ acre in size
  • Two dog system allows more freedom for your pets without having to carry extra collars around with you.
  • None.
Extreme Dog Fence

Extreme Dog Fence Pet containment system is a versatile boundary training tool that allows you to easily set up the boundaries of your property in no time at all. The included receiver collars are fully rechargeable and completely waterproof, which means they won’t have to be plugged in for hours on end while still ensuring your dog’s safety from roaming outside his safe play area without a second thought whenever he wants to explore new areas or get some fresh air after being cooped up indoors for too long. You can adjust the level of correction needed depending on whether it’s just a gentle reminder not to go past these boundaries due to boredom, curiosity, or other factors such as getting excited around squirrels running around nearby trees by setting it to a low level of static correction which is enough to send him back home without ever making him realize that he’s being corrected. Suppose you’re using it for training purposes. In that case, the dial can be set to high levels until your dog learns his boundaries and gets used to them by avoiding crossing over these areas whenever he feels tempted with no negative effects whatsoever on its temperament.

  • Fully rechargeable receiver collar
  • Adjustable levels of static correction depending on the level of training required.
  • None.

Wireless dog fence for a large dog: a buying guide

  • Location of Your Transmitter

The location of your transmitter will be the most important factor when it comes to choosing a wireless fence for large dogs. Before you even buy one, you should do some research and find out where all the electric wires are in your yard so that you can avoid placing a unit on top of them. If there aren’t any electrical hazards around, then owners may choose from several different options, such as within an underground kennel or above ground, depending on their preferences.

When buying a new system, consider how much area needs to be contained with this device since larger models will have longer range capabilities than smaller ones (which might work better for those who live in houses surrounded by trees). Some people also like two separate transmitters, which allows them to contain multiple areas (such as their garden and front yard) with the same device, but this may be more expensive than purchasing a larger unit.

  • The shape of Your Garden

The shape of your garden will also impact the amount of space that a wireless system can control, so it’s important to think about how much area needs to be contained. For example, suppose you have a circular yard. In that case, owners should look for units with technology that allows them to create custom containment shapes instead of pre-programmed designs (which might not work as well in this situation).

  • Inside or outside

Another thing people need to consider when buying a wireless fence for large dogs is whether they want their pets kept inside or outside. Suppose an owner wants their dog on the other side from where they’re sitting at home. In that case, several systems are available with two separate transmitters and adjustable range capabilities – these allow canines to free-roam throughout a larger space without the owner worrying about them getting lost or stuck somewhere.

For people who want their dogs to stay inside, there are also options designed specifically for this purpose which usually come with smaller transmitters and collars that only allow entry into certain areas (such as your backyard). If you’re not sure whether you will need an in-ground fence, it’s probably best to get a wireless system since they tend to be less expensive than traditional fences. Just make sure that if your pet is larger than one hundred pounds, it may require something like this instead!

  • Size of Your Dog

It’s also important to consider the size of your dog before buying a wireless fence for large dogs (or any pet containment system). There are models designed specifically for small pets like cats, and there are others that allow owners to contain multiple animals at once with ease – these both tend to be more affordable than larger systems. Owners should make sure that their new unit can control an area large enough so that it can contain several different types of animals! Although it might take some time, this will save you money in the long run by allowing owners to buy one device instead of several different ones. Either way, it’s always best to test out smaller units first if their furry friend doesn’t react well or prefers staying outside.

  • Your Dog’s Personality

The personality of your dog will also impact what type of containment system you buy. Some dogs are extremely stubborn and want to be outside no matter what, so owners should look for products with a bigger range than their pet is used to (this way, they can’t escape easily).

On the other hand, if your pup listens well, it might work better with something like an in-ground fence since these units give them more freedom overall. Plus, large dogs need plenty of room to move around, so having one outfitted with an electric shock collar won’t do much good if it isn’t anywhere big enough where they can roam safely without getting into trouble!

  • Price Range

The price range of a wireless fence for large dogs will vary depending on the company, size, and type that owners choose. In general, though, most devices cost between $100-$500, so this might be one area where it’s best not to skimp out to get something that lasts longer.

Some people have been known to spend up to $1000 if they want their pet contained within an especially large space (such as a farm), but these units usually come with special features like cameras and extra security measures. Just keep in mind that you aren’t necessarily stuck with the same system forever either! Owners can always upgrade or update their current unit once they find out what works well enough (and what doesn’t) for their specific pet.

Tips For Using a Wireless Dog Fence for a Large Dog

  • First tip

Once your pet gets used to the fence and can roam freely without getting into trouble, then you can expand his play area by setting up a second wireless dog fence around this expanded boundary.

  • Second tip

Don’t stay outside or inside with your dog while he’s roaming free within the confines of his safe play area, as it will only encourage him whenever he feels tempted to go wandering off after spotting something interesting across the borders, which could lead to bad habits over time if not properly trained beforehand.

  • Third Tip

Rechargeable receiver collars are much more convenient than having replaceable batteries all the time because they don’t have any downtime when running out of charge, requiring an immediate recharge cycle first thing in the morning or whenever you get back home.

  • Fourth Tip

If your pet is new to this type of confinement, then keep him on a leash while he’s roaming unrestricted within his safe play area so that you have better control over how far away from you he gets in case anything unexpected happens, such as being approached by another dog out for an impromptu run around the neighborhood which could lead to confrontation if not handled properly beforehand.

  • Fifth Tip 

The last tip but not least important of all when using wireless containment systems are keeping up with their maintenance, including timely recharges and replacement of worn-out parts including transmitter batteries, receiver collar straps, antennas, and more detailed tips available via these helpful resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the collar uncomfortable for the dog?

A lot of people are concerned that the collar is too tight or uncomfortable for the dog. However, every brand has its range, and you will always be able to find one that fits your large-sized pet comfortably.

Will, it hurt my dog?

No, no brands will use shock as a method – they all rely on vibration (which only some dogs can even feel), which startles them into stopping their behavior without physically hurting them. You might think this isn’t enough but remember, these collars don’t need to cause pain; make noise! It’s like when you step in an ant pile barefoot…it doesn’t exactly “hurt,” but it makes you jump away from where you stepped!

How long will the battery last?

Some collars have batteries that are rechargeable, and others use replaceable ones. Both collar types will work for a long time if you take reasonable care of them (don’t let it get wet, don’t leave in direct sunlight). But be aware: even when your device is plugged in and charging, there’s no guarantee how much power it has left (it might say “100%” but then drop to 50% once unplugged!). So always make sure to give yourself enough room with the boundary – especially at first!

How big does my dog need to be before I can use this type of system?

Just like all training systems, every brand works differently. Some only allow pets over 15 pounds to use their system, while others allow pets as small as five pounds. So make sure to check the specific guidelines of your brand before purchasing a collar for your dog!

Does a big dog need more momentum?

No! Remember: the system doesn’t “punch” your dog – it just makes a sound. The collar needs to sense them getting close and give off a warning before they reach the boundary line, so ideally, you want something that’s lightweight enough for their size but also loud enough for them to hear at all times (not just when there is the extra force behind what they’re doing like running, etc.).

Do wireless fences for large dogs work with all breeds of dogs?

Not all systems will work well with every breed, but many larger animal owners report that they’ve had great success. It’s best to check the specific system you’re interested in and see if it has any reviews from pet owners who have dealt with your type of canine before purchasing, though, so you know what to expect! Be aware, though, that some manufacturers may suggest not using their product on certain types or sizes of animals which can vary by company.


Wireless fences are a great option for large dogs because they can cover larger areas than traditional electric dog fences. They also allow you to install them without having to bury any wires, which is perfect if your yard has many obstacles like trees or rock gardens that would make installing the fence difficult. If you’re considering getting one of these wireless fencing systems for your pet, be sure to read our blog post on how to choose the best system and answer some common questions before making your purchase decision!