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Best wireless dog fences with remote trainers

Best wireless dog fences with remote trainers

SportDOG Brand YardTrainer Remote Trainers

PetSafe Elite Dog Remote Trainer

Dog Training Collar

Have you been looking for the best electric dog fence with a remote trainer? There are so many different types of fences and trainers on the market today. It cannot be easy to find a good one. The problem is that not all fences and trainers work well together. That’s why we created this guide – to help you make an informed choice before you buy!

A remote training system gives you a safe and humane way to train your dog. As the name suggests, this type of electric dog fence is controlled using a remote control. This means that rather than putting up an actual physical barrier around your garden or yard, you can use the trainer from anywhere in your home – as long as it has a clear line of sight! The best thing about these types of fences? Unlike traditional systems that only give off static correction when they detect barking, modern trainers allow you to stop any unwanted behavior by giving both audible and shock corrections. Which dogs are suitable? Any dog. Even dogs that are not yet fully trained will benefit from using remote training systems!

Remote training systems have been designed for all breeds regardless of their size – even giant dogs like Great Danes! This is because the shock delivered by these systems can be adjusted to low or high depending on your dog’s weight. The best thing about this type of system is that if you have two dogs, you can link them together, so they both receive a correction simultaneously! Instead of teaching one dog not to bark while letting his friend do whatever he wants, with remote trainers, you’ll get results in no time.

Modern electric fences should never be used as an alternative to having your pet microchipped – they should always go hand-in-hand. If nobody knows who owns your pet, there will be nothing stopping him from off again! As well as this, electric fences are not an effective solution for dogs that like to dig or escape.

Best Wireless Dog Fences with a Remote Trainer

FunAce Electronic Invisible Pet Fence Containment and Remote Dog Trainer

As the name suggests, this particular device is an electric fence that can be used indoors and outdoors. The collar itself comes with five different static correction levels and a tone-only mode for added flexibility. You’ll also find that it features rechargeable batteries – meaning you never have to worry about replacing them! Finally, due to its robust build quality and waterproof design, this unit has already received some extremely positive reviews from previous customers.

The biggest thing we like about the FunAce Pet Fence System, though, is how easy it is for your pet to learn! This makes life easier when they’re using their new boundary system straight out of the box, without requiring any kind of whatsoever. Collar Correction Vs. Free-Standing Fence.

The system is suitable for pets that weigh between eight and 100lbs, which should cover most breeds out there! This particular model comes with a lifetime warranty, as well as free replacement parts for the life of your ownership – meaning you can always get what you need without having to pay any extra costs.

  • Great value for money
  • Multifunctional and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Not as many features or options as some other models on the market.
Electric Dog Fence + Remote Trainer - Dual Solution


This particular model is the top-of-the-range electric dog fence plus remote trainer, which means it comes with everything you need to contain your pet effectively. The unit has a reach of up to three acres, meaning there are no boundaries for them within this area! In addition, both tone-only and static correction modes are available right from day one – allowing you to train your pet in whatever manner best suits their personality or breed type.

As well as being incredibly easy for pets to learn, we also love how safe this system makes training sessions feel. This is thanks to its high-quality build materials and because there’s no risk whatsoever that they will be zapped by an object using the boundary zone function. Finally, the collar itself uses rechargeable batteries – meaning you’ll never have to worry about any additional costs related to replacement parts.

  • Incredible range of three acres!
  • Comes fitted with tone-only and static correction modes for added flexibility.
  • Price is more expensive than other models on our list.
SportDOG Brand YardTrainer Remote Trainers

The last model on our list of recommendations comes courtesy of the world-renowned SportDOG brand, known for its high quality and innovative approach to pet products. As you would expect, this particular unit is designed with both training and containment in mind – allowing your pets to roam free within a boundary zone without leaving home alone!

As well as coming equipped with tone-only correction mode, its remote trainer also features three levels of static correction, which can be customized based upon temperament or breed type. The collar itself uses rechargeable batteries (which saves money over time), while there’s no risk whatsoever that your pets will get zapped by something using the boundary zone feature either. In short, it does have everything you could ever need to train and contain your pets.

  • Incredible range of up to five acres!
  • Comes fitted with tone-only correction mode as standard, along with three levels of static corrections for added flexibility.
  • None.
Motorola TRAVELFENCE 50 Wireless Fence with Remote Trainer

Let’s talk about the Motorola TRAVELFENCE50 Wireless Fence with Remote Trainer. This unit is designed to be incredibly easy for pets to learn, thanks in part to its high-quality build materials and tone-only training mode right from day one! We also love how safe this system makes training sessions feel – not only does it use rechargeable batteries, but there’s no risk whatsoever that your pet will get zapped during a session, either.

As well as being perfect for outdoor containment, we’d recommend this particular model if you have an indoor pet too. It has a range of up to three hundred feet (perfect even within homes that are larger than average), meaning they can wander around without ever.

We have the latest wireless fence with a remote trainer model to come from Motorola! As you would expect for a product in this price range, it comes equipped with everything your pet needs to be safe and contained within its boundary zone. Alongside tone-only correction mode (which can both be activated or deactivated depending on preference), there are also three levels of static corrections. The collar itself is rechargeable, while its boundary zone feature automatically disables after 30 seconds – meaning pets won’t get zapped by anything nearby that uses it either.

  • Incredible range of up to three acres!
  • Comes fitted with tone-only correction mode as standard, along with three levels of static corrections for added flexibility.
  • None. (this is the new model)
PetSafe Elite Dog Remote Trainer

The PetSafe Elite Dog Remote Trainer comes with a tone button, vibration setting, and 100 levels of stimulation. It also works for up to three dogs with different settings that can be adjusted quickly using the toggle switch on the transmitter. This device is waterproof and rechargeable, so you won’t have to keep buying batteries or mess around with cords when it runs out of power. The collar fits neck sizes from 12-inches to 24-inches long, which means even giant dog breeds will be able to use this tool. For tiny pets like dainty Chihuahuas or toy poodles, check out our review about other options here!

This product is excellent for dogs that are too sensitive to be distracted by other training devices. It can help with recall, aggression problems, and even separation anxiety due to its unique model, which uses tones instead of shocks like the previous brands here!

  • It can be used with multiple dogs
  • Tone and vibration settings for training without shocks
  • Vibration and tone modes can’t be used at the same time as other brands on this list.
Dog Training Collar

The Dog Training Collar comes with 100 levels of static stimulation and a remote that will allow you to change the intensity from anywhere between one and eight. This makes it ideal for training several dogs at once or needing different stimuli depending on what kind of situation is occurring. It also has an option for a tone-only mode which can be used without any shocks if your dog doesn’t respond well to them, making this a great choice no matter how sensitive they are!

While its battery life isn’t as long as others listed here – only working for about 30 hours before needing a recharge – it does have multiple settings, so you won’t need to switch back and forth with other products constantly. This makes it great for long trips and vacations when you’ll be away from a power outlet.

  • Up to eight levels of static stimulation so you can choose the perfect level for your pup!
  • Multiple settings, including a tone-only mode, are good if your dog doesn’t respond well to shocks or is too sensitive.
  • Rechargeable battery lasts about 30 hours before needing a recharge, making this ideal for longer training sessions or road trips without access to an electrical socket.
  • We can only work with one dog at a time like most other options on our list of best electric collars.

How to Choose the Best Invisible Dog Fence with A Trainer

Area of Coverage

Just like the universal trainers, there are certain factors you should consider before purchasing an electric dog fence system. The first thing to take into account is how much coverage you’ll need. Although they’re designed for indoor use, this type of technology can also be used outside – provided your pet stays within a smaller area (around 25m x 25m).

To ensure that your property isn’t too big or too small, we recommend using our “Fence” and “Ground Survey” tools on our website! These will help break down exactly what size your yard needs to accommodate the type of fence that’s right for you. After this has been done, it’s simply a case of checking out which systems offer these dimensions.

Containing vs. Repelling

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about these types of systems is that they’re all designed for containment. Several products work oppositely – by scaring your dog away from an area! This can be extremely useful if you want them outside but don’t necessarily need to contain them within boundaries.

Power Requirements

There’s no point investing in one system only to find out later down the line that you’ve got incompatible power sources! For this reason, it’s always best to check what type of voltage and mains supply will be needed before buying any electric fence product. If using on-demand units like battery packs or solar charge, make sure they will last for at least a few days without having to be recharged.

Training Methods and Modes

Another thing you will need to consider is how easy it is for your pet to learn. Most devices come with some training guide which means that once the fence has been set up, they can start enjoying their new boundaries immediately – regardless of age or breed! However, there are also options available where no prior knowledge is needed – plug in the transmitter and let them explore away from home! In this case, we would always recommend using the audible tone as an additional feature. This way, if they do go outside of the range, they’ll still hear a warning sound before any correction happens. Ground Collar Correction Vs. Free-Standing Fence.

Build Quality

One of the most important things to consider regarding these types of training devices is how long they’ll last. You want something which will stand up against all kinds of weather conditions, as well as anything else your pet might put them through! Most systems are designed with a high-quality plastic casing and material – making them flexible enough to survive any jumps or falls.

Battery Backup and Surge Protector

As we mentioned earlier, some electric dog fence systems make use of solar energy and on-demand batteries. If you’re using one of these devices outdoors, it’s essential to get something with a battery backup in case the panels aren’t getting any sunlight. Otherwise, your pet may find themselves trapped inside when night falls! When considering surge protectors, though, this is only really necessary if you’ll be plugging into mains power somewhere indoors – as they can sometimes interfere with radio signals from collars.

Static Correction Levels

One of the most significant differences between electric dog fence systems is how much control you have over settings. While some only allow for one or two levels, others can give up to eight depending on which collar they’re wearing. It’s always best to start with a low number and work your way up if necessary – as this will drastically reduce any potential stress caused by zapping them unexpectedly!

Price Range

Last but not least, we would always recommend considering what kind of budget you have in mind! Although electric fences aren’t necessarily expensive pieces of technology, their price range can vary significantly depending on whether you’re looking at products suitable for indoors or outdoors use. In addition, some come complete with additional features such as training modes, whereas others are more basic.

Provided you can meet all of these requirements. It’s simply a case of choosing the electric dog fence with a remote trainer that best suits your needs! The same applies if you’re looking to buy one for professional use – remember to check out what size and type are compatible with your specific location.

Wireless dog fence with a Trainer: Universal Features

Warning Tone

Most electric dog fences with remote trainers come to complete a warning tone feature. This is to ensure that your pet knows when he’s going too far and about to get a shock – the sound of the alarm will be enough for him to stop whatever he’s doing!

The best thing about this type of system? There are no wires or physical barriers needed so that you can use them anywhere in your home. From small apartments up to large yards, if there’s an area where you want your pet not to go, activate his trainer from inside and let him know what behavior isn’t allowed!

Universal Trainer Remote

If you have a young puppy, then training them to stay in one place will be essential. The best thing about the universal trainers is that they come complete with a remote which can control up to three different collars at once! If your pet isn’t fully trained yet and keeps wandering off, attach their collar and activate it from inside – any time of day or night.

Almost all modern universal electric dog fence systems also come with an LED screen feature. This means that instead of having to press buttons on the actual units themselves, you can do everything you need directly from your remote!

MicroPulse Technology

One of the best things about this type of dog fence is that it can adapt to your pet’s individual needs. This means you don’t need to worry about measuring their weight, as there are no restrictions when using a universal trainer. Micropulse technology allows the system to detect exactly where your pet is and what size they might be, so even if they’re too close or have wandered off into another area, there will still be enough warning for them! To find out more information on how micro pulse collars work, please see our “How It Works” section below.

Collar Correction Types

These systems come complete with either an audible tone or vibration feature – depending on which one you choose. The good thing about having both available to you is that your pet will always be able to understand what he’s done wrong! If they wander too far away, the tone can activate, which will mean your dog knows exactly where his boundaries are.

Waterproof Collar Battery Pack

The majority of manufacturers will design their electric dog fence systems to be completely waterproof – including the battery pack collar itself! This type of feature makes it ideal if your pet loves nothing more than going swimming or playing outside when it’s raining. Instead of buying different devices each time they come back soaking wet, pop off the collar and wipe it dry – there’s no need to worry about electrocution or short circuits.

How to Use an Electric Dog Fences with a Remote Trainer

Step by step:

  • Turn on the remote trainer and then press a button to choose one of four training modes.
  • Slide the switch up or down, depending on which model you want your dog to learn at that time.
  • Press an intensity level for more severe corrections while still in learning mode if needed.
  • Use tone buttons instead of shock when it’s not being used as correction – this is good for dogs that are too sensitive!
  • Attach the collar to your dog’s neck and turn it on.
  • Press a button to begin training in whichever mode you have selected!


Are Any of These Units Also Suitable for Cats?

No, these units are only suitable for dogs. They have been tested to work on cats, but they do not have the correct settings and modes available as of now.

How Large of an Area Does the Average Model Cover?

The average model covers about half an acre. This is enough space to train your dog in a backyard or out on walks around the neighborhood, but it will not be suitable for covering large fields like some of our competitors!

Do the Receivers in These Units Need to Be Synced with the Transmitter for the First Use?

No, the receivers in these units do not need to be synced with the transmitter for any use. They are already paired and will only require new batteries when running low.

Is Wi-fi Required for the Models on This List?

No, you do not need to have Wi-fi in your home for these units. This is another reason they are great options if you are looking for an electric dog fence with a remote trainer!


The best electric dog fence with a remote trainer is the one that has an excellent reputation, offers a warranty, and guarantees customer satisfaction. You want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth when it comes time to install or replace parts. When shopping around for the appropriate electric dog fence with a remote trainer, be sure to compare prices and features before deciding which product to purchase. This way, you can rest easy knowing that your pet will enjoy years of safe outside time without any worries about them running away from home!